Welcome to CLAS

Child Language and Speech Laboratory (童言童語實驗室)

The University of Hong Kong Child Language and Speech Laboratory (CLAS) conducts research on children's speech and language development. Our focus is on children learning Cantonese within the context of multilingual, multicultural environments. Working in the field of communication disorders, we are interested in children with and without developmental disorders.

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We aim to better understand how speech and language develop in children with and without developmental disorders with a focus on Chinese communities; and contribute evidence-based interventions and assessments to support those who work with Chinese children having developmental disorders, including those with Developmental Language Disorder, Speech Sound Disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

We use experimental and observational methods to gain a better understanding of children with developmental speech and language problems and improve their ability to communicate. Specifically, we examine the dynamic interactions between the nature of the Cantonese-Chinese culture and language environment, and the child's learning capabilities in determining the outcome of speech and language development and intervention.

  • Share our research findings with other researchers, speech-language therapists and others who care for children with speech and language disorders
  • Provide postgraduate training to those interested in pursuing research careers
  • Provide undergraduate education to speech therapy students